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Condition of Refractories after Removal from Service

A number of cases can be distinguished:

  • Unused refractory products: bricks discarded because of non-conformity or unused stocks of reserve parts.
  • Used refractory products:
    • For mechanical and thermal applications used refractories are relatively uncontaminated: e.g. coatings for insulation or safety….
    • Under corrosive conditions: contact with molten materials (glass, metal, slag) or gases (soda, sulphates, zinc…)
      • surface contamination:
        • magnesia-carbon in steel plants
        • sliding plates in continuous casting
        • electromelting blocks in glass making,…
      • deep contamination:
        • silica archways and regenerators in glass making
        • blast furnace linings
        • alumina or magnesia – chrome, rich in hexavalent chrome

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