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Recycling in the Regions: Limousin

The glass and ceramic industry produce each year in France several hundred thousands tons of inert wastes from minerals. A few examples:

A porcelain manufacture producing 1 000 tons of porcelain a year will also involve the production of 40 tons of porcelain wastes ( in mean value 2 % to 6 % of the production are pieces with defects after firing), 20 tons of refractory material wastes used in kiln equipment and 15 tons of used plaster moulds for the shaped pieces.

The companies management of these wastes yet considered as the more inert constitutes a minimal cost of I5 Euros (before taxes) per ton of waste produced.

Because of the economical necessity, the industrialists are more and more interested from the recycling possibilities. But a lot of problems still exists : either the recycled waste does not allow to find the initial raw material needed quality again, or the company cannot invest in the necessary recycling equipment.

Valorization solutions are greatly expected. Actually since July 1, 2002 will be only controlled dumping allowed in the final wastes, which cannot be recycled or valorized. We can then imagine the cost evolution for this type of management for the companies making such waste.

With our valorization project of mineral waste coming from the ceramic industry, we propose an alternative solution for these companies. We are able to increase the value of porcelain, tiles and sanitary rejects, with the use of an adapted physicochemical process.

We want also extend this type of treatment to other mineral waste.

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