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A little bit more than a year ago, you received the first issue of Euroceram News in which the setting up of the Euroceram II programme was announced. This programme is aiming at creating an interregional co-operation, through technological innovations, in the field of ceramic between seven regions: Wallonia (B), Centro (P), Nord-Pas de Calais (F), Limousin (F), Shannon (IRL), Tampere (FIN), and Valencia (SP).

The feasibility phase of this project has been at last approved of by the European Commission and the real working step has started on the 15th of March 2000. The Euroceram network takes place within the framework of the Recite II programmes, article 10 of the ERDF.

Following the contacts taken by the laboratories with the industrialists of their region, various actions have been planned :

  • Web site (www.euroceram.org) grouping all the ceramic data in the 7 regions (companies, and so on). This site is under construction.
  • Euroceram news: various topics chosen from suggestions made by the industrialists.
  • 5 regional seminars in each regions where experts and industrialists will have the opportunity to discuss about specific problems with 2 homologues of at least one other region.
  • 7 interregional seminars grouping industrialists and experts from the 7 partner regions. The first one will take place in Centro (14-15/11/2000) on bioceramics.
  • Exchange of experience: on co-operation topics chosen by the industrialists.
  • For more information, contact your regional leader.

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