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Sputtering : an industrial deposition porcess
LAMAC – Laboratoire des Matériaux Avancés Céramiques
Université de Valenciennes et du Hainaut-Cambraisis (F)

After a description on the growth mechanism, we describe the practical approach of the sputtering ; in particular the DC and RF systems. Differents configurations are discussed.

Chemical and physical characteristics of the films obtained by sputtering are studied in terms of structure and microstructure. Characteristics are compared with often deposition techniques (sol-gel, MOCVD, …).

Sputtering conditions are discussed for some materials in relation with sputtering parameters, we show that for some materials, the sputtering can’t be apply (physical limitation).

The financial aspect is treated by taking into account the cost of the deposition system and the cost of the coating.

Ceramic oxide coatings obtained by sputtering RF magnetron (CRITT Maubeuge) Metallic coatings on ceramic substrates obtained by sputtering (CRITT Maubeuge)
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