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The Spanish frit, glazes and colour sector
Most of frit, glaze and colour production goes to the ceramic tile industry. Besides the Castellón core, where most of the companies are found, other smaller factories are also found at Manises, Tortosa and Vitoria.

Owing to its peculiar characteristics, the frit, glaze and colour sector has a very high capacity for innovation. Each company creates its own technology, and adapts this to clients’ needs.

The sector has the advantage of relatively low manpower costs in respect of turnover. Highly technical sales are involved and producers must provide fast solutions for their clients. It is an attractive field for investment, involving companies characterised by advanced technology, high expenditure in R+D and a consolidated network of clients.

Figure 3 shows the evolution of sales in Spain and abroad.

Figure 3. Sales of Spanish frits, glazes and colours

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