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The Castellón ceramic cluster
The term cluster is used to refer to a group of companies competing in the same business sector, located in a specific, though not necessarily large, geographical area that also harbours a series of related activities, which may be industrial and/or involve services. This is the case of the Spanish tile industry, in which 93% of production comes from companies found in the Castellón area.

The Castellón tile cluster covers all the phases needed to bring tile to the end user. These include all the parties that work with and for the tile manufacturers (frit, glaze and colour producers, machinery builders, third-fire companies, producers of spray-dried powder, producers of trims and special pieces, transport organisations, sales companies, etc.).

The Castellón tile cluster is a complete, interrelated industrial fabric. Companies have all the support they need only a few minutes away.

  • Glaze, colour and frit producers have undergone such development that the existing twenty-odd companies have become world leaders.
  • Spray dried powder producers constitute a different type of supplier. They either belong to various manufacturers that have associated themselves to share a non-differentiating part of the process, or have been set up as large suppliers that serve many companies.
  • Producers of trims and special pieces represent an important supply of design and hence differentiation. This has led large groups or companies to attempt to take over companies that produce such items in recent years.
  • Proliferating services have also increased competitiveness, both in design studios (usually involving branches of Italian companies), as well as sellers of showroom exhibition materials, transport organisations and technical offices.
  • With regard to the raw materials used in the industry, good quality red clay is found locally.
  • The Spanish tile sector’s participation in this cluster sets the industry in the best position to develop its creative and technological capability, ensuring world markets that Spanish tile production will continue to be of the highest level quality and design.

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