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Tableware and Decoration in the Shannon Region

In the Shannon region much of the activity in traditional ceramics is based in small craft companies of less than 5 persons. There is a considerable network of such enterprises with up to 20 in operation. Many of these ceramists are members of « The Craft Potters Society of Ireland » and can be contacted through their website.

Two larger companies are also active in the field: Louis Mulcahy Pottery and Irish Dresden Ltd.

Louis Mulcahy Pottery is based in Dingle, Co. Kerry and employs approximately 50 people. The company produces a large range of pottery tableware, vases, bowls, etc.

Irish Dresden Ltd. produces porcelain figures and other fine porcelain giftware in Drumcolliher outside Limerick. Approximately 50 are employed in the company and 20% of production is for export.

Training and education of graduates for the traditional ceramic industry is carried out via a course (National Diploma in Design (Product Design)) at the Limerick Institute of Technology. The programme includes practical manufacturing processes, throwing, model and mould making, slip casting, surface pattern decoration, clay and glaze technology, kiln firing, drawing and the History of Art and Design.

The Materials Ireland Research Centre at the University of Limerick provides technical support and research and development capability to the industry. Materials Ireland is a national commercial R&D; organisation focussing on the needs of the materials industries in Ireland.

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