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Inter-regional seminar on bioceramics
Aveiro, Portugal
13-14 November 2000
The first inter-regional seminar of the Euroceram Network was hosted by the Centro region in Aveiro on the 13th and 14th November 2000. The topic of the two day seminar was « Bioceramics » and researchers, experts and industrialists from the partner regions of the network attended. The research and industrial activities in bioceramics in each region were presented. In addition a number of technical presentations were made and these are listed below. For further information on any of the presentations, please contact your local regional representative.
  • Machinable glass-ceramics for biomedical applications – J. Doyle (Shannon)
  • Apatite-Mullite glass-ceramics as potential implant materials – D. O’Sullivan (Shannon)
  • The lifetime of bioceramics – G. Fantozzi (INSA – Lyon, France)
  • Processing of porous bioceramics with controlled architecture – F. Monchau-Godbille (NPdeC)
  • Deposition of bioactive glass by sputtering and laser ablation – E. Joanni (Centro)
  • In vitro tests to assess the bioactivity of ceramics – P. Marques (Centro)
  • Wetting and interfacial interactions between bioceramics and body components – A. Agathopoulos (Centro)
  • Structure and bioactivity of glasses – M.H. Fernandes (Centro)
  • Calcium carbonate as a bioceramic – M. Almeida (Centro)
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