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Additional Information

Additional information on thick ceramic coatings can be found from the material of two related Euroceram regional seminars held in the Tampere Region:

S. Ahmaniemi, P. Vuoristo and T. Mäntylä, « Corrosion and wear properties of thermally sprayed oxide coatings » presented at « Manufacturing of Ceramic Coatings », held on 27th October 2000 (www.tut.fi/units/ms/ker/euroceram/pinnotteet/Esitys7.PDF) the slides are in English.

P. Fauchais, « Plasma Spraying of Ceramics, Optimisation in Industrial Conditions- Trends » presented at « Ceramic Coatings – Users Point of View » held on 26th October 2001, (molpc60.me.tut.fi/euroceram/reg/ohjelma261001.html).

M. Watremerz, « Ceramic Materials for Railway Brake Discs » presented at « Ceramic Coatings – Users Point of View » held on 26th October 2001, (molpc60.me.tut.fi/euroceram/reg/ohjelma261001.html).


The PhD thesis of Minnamari Vippola « Microstructural Study of Aluminum Phosphate Sealed Plasma Sprayed Alumina and Chromia Coatings » was accepted on the 10th April 2002 in Tampere University of Technology. The thesis includes a detailed microstructural study of plasma sprayed alumina and chromia coatings with and without aluminium phosphate sealing.

Interregional Seminar « Ceramic Coatings and Surface Treatments » will be organised in Tampere on 10 – 11 September 2002. The detailed program of the seminar will be available at (molpc60.me.tut.fi/euroceram/reg/coat.html).

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