The Region

The Centro Region spreads over an area of 23,670 Km2, about a quarter of the size of Portugal, of which 43.6% is occupied by forest and 27.4% by agriculture. It has a population of 1.78 million, representing 17.1% of the Portuguese population and contributes with a share of 14.8% to the national I.G.P.. The I.G.P. per capita in 1997 was 7.65 kEuro, equivalent to 85% of the national capitation. The gross added value is distributed as 6% for the primary sector, 38% for industry and energy and 56% for services, a structure similar to that of the country as whole (see National Institute of Statistics).

The consumer’s annual inflation rate in August 2001 was situated at 3.9% and the unemployment level at 2,3%, the second lowest of all regions and 1.6 points below the national figure. The purchasing power is, however, only 71% of the Portuguese average (see National Institute of Statistics).

There are marked asymmetries between coastal and interior sub-regions, corresponding to different levels of economical development. Such differences have a noticeable effect on population density.

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