2019 yCAM Forum in Mons

young Ceramists Additive Manufacturing Forum (yCAM) 2019

April 3-5 2019 

University of Mons – Mons, Belgium

The young Ceramists Additive Manufacturing Forum (yCAM) took place on April 3-5 2019 in Mons, Belgium. 

The conference was hosted by the University of Mons and locally organized by UMONS and BCRC. 

yCAM 2019 had a very positive response of international participation with 139 registered participants coming from institutions situated in 23 different countries and attracting also participants from industry. 

Three keynote presentations from senior researchers were delivered by Dr. Andrea Zocca (BAM, Germany), Dr. Amin M’Barki (Institut Pierre-Gilles de Gennes, France) and  Dr. Pablo Gonzales (Admatec, The Netherlands). Two informative presentations introducing the topics of Discrete Element Simulation and the 3D imaging of architected materials were delivered by Dr. Christophe Martin and Dr. Eric Maire in the frame of an exchange with the Rise AMITE European project.

The major part of the program, split over three days, included 31 presentations from young scientists. In addition, the participants enjoyed the possibility of taking part in a conference dinner on April 4th and in a visit to the laboratories of BCRC (Belgian Ceramic Research Center).

yCAM 2019 conference was sponsored by the JECS Trust and was patrocinated by the University of Mons and the Belgian Ceramic Research Center.

We thank JECS Trust to have offered 20 travel grants of up to 300€. 

Contact: Dr. Dorian Deschuyteneer (BCRC – Mons) 





Giorgia Franchin (UNIPD – Padova) 

Andrea Zocca (BAM – Berlin) 

David Karl (TUB – Berlin)

Local Organizing Committee: 

Dorian Deschuyteneer (BCRC – Mons)

Marie-Sophie Renoirt (UMONS – Mons)

Dominique Hautcoeur (BCRC – Mons)