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About yCAM

The young Ceramists Additive Manufacturing Forum (yCAM) is an event and networking platform organized by EMC and supported by ECerS, dedicated to all young researchers interested in the Additive Manufacturing of ceramics. 

yCAM cooperates with ECerS Young Ceramists Network to advertise their reciprocal activities.


The yCAM Forum was first organised in 2017 and has been organised every year since:


Join us for this exciting event dedicated to young researchers!


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The yCAM conference covers the main AM technologies applied to ceramics and in particular the following topics:



Direct 3D printing 

Indirect, powder-based 3D printing


Fused deposition modeling


Selective laser sintering/melting

Laminated object manufacturing

Novel Additive Manufacturing technologies

Additive Manufacturing materials and applications

Additive Manufacturing materials and applications

Silicate ceramics, pottery, ceramic art and architecture

Technical ceramics and advanced applications: bioceramics, porous ceramics, piezoelectric ceramics, printed circuits etc.

Composites and multi-material Additive Manufacturing

Design and software

Design and software

Innovative and process-driven design

Software and data preparation for Additive Manufacturing


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EMC brings together scientists working in the field of Additive Manufacturing of ceramic materials:

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